Tell me all about you Robyn

We are a husband and wife team Euan and Robyn. We started our business in 2016 and we have quickly become a favorite for many, many satisfied customers.

Ok, so i hear you say to yourself... "there are lots and lots of companies and home based cake makers out there in Western Australia, why would i want to choose Robyn's Creative Cakes to design, bake and present me with my special cake?"

Simple answer is:  I make the yummiest of cakes in the WORLD :) well, that's what my customers and clients tell me, although if you don't believe me, let me tell you why you should look no further than Robyn's Creative Cakes.

All of our cakes are made fresh to order! That is, i spend hours upon hours sourcing the finest of ingredients; mixing the bases; baking the cakes and then applying my skilled artistic touch to make it into an art of work :) and best of all, they are delicious!

Robyn's Creative Cakes prices are unbelievably competitive, without any compromise on quality; freshness and taste.

Ordering and Delivery Information

You have many ways in which you can place your order with us:

  1. Online:
    Use our online cake builder to build and design your cake. This allows you to select the cake base; type; flavors and much more. When you have completed your design, simply clicking on the submit will send the cake request form to us and we will be in-touch to verify every piece of detail and to also confirm price total and collection.
  2. Telephone:
    Prefer to have that personal touch? easy, pick up the phone and call us direct.
  3. Facebook:
    We are online :) find us on Facebook and send us a PM with what you want.
  4. Email Us:
    Send us an email with your requirements we will get back in touch with asap.

Options for Delivery

If you would like us to deliver your products, we can arrange delivery based on your needs or if you would prefer to come and see where your amazing cake/treats are designed and baked, we are more than happy for you to attend our home to collect @ 12 Kildare Lane The Vines, WA - note that our address and contact information is available on the footer of all pages.

From us to you - Delivery

Our delivery of orders are delivered between 8.00am Monday-Friday and 1.00pm Saturday. This is for standard delivery only but, if there is a need for an urgent delivery, we can arrange and cater for this. All of our products are baked fresh and we guarantee 100% quality and freshness.

You to us - Collection

Collection times are either 10 am or 5 pm (unless previously arranged) Monday to Saturday. Once items have left our, premises we do not take any liability for the condition of the cake upon your destination.

Collection for your products is available from Number 12 Kildare lane, The Vines, WA. On our Contact Us page, we have a map showing our location. Also feel free to contact us if you are struggling to navigate to our location.

Returns Policy

Please ensure that you check your order on delivery as no reimbursement will be provided post hand over.

If there are any questions that may arise, please do not hesitate to contact us and our staff will only be too happy to assist you.


To enable us to be very competitive with pricing, we request a deposit for all our products, which can be made payable either in person or by bank transfer.

Payments Requirements

For all orders, cash or bank transfer are the only payment options. Please speak with us (telephone or email) to arrange transfer details.

Important Information - Delivery Charges

Delivery costs apply.  We will work together with you to confirm the delivery charge once you have placed your order.

You can also contact us for further information and clarification before you place your order.

Many thanks

Robyn :)

Please use one of the contact methods below and we will aim to get back to you asap.

Love Robyn.